Knowledge Bowl - Final Results 2012

Dear AASCA Colleagues,


Just a brief and final word to let the AASCA Community know of the results of the 2012 Knowledge Bowl held this past week at ISP.  We are very pleased with the feedback from the teams and schools we hosted, and thoroughly enjoyed our four days together – intense competition and genuine friendship.  It was a real pleasure!


I congratulate the Escuela Internacional Sampedrana on their Varsity Championship, and the Colegio Internacional de San Salvador on their JV Championship!  And to all the schools and teams, our kids are impressive on so many levels.  Quick to the buzzer and so knowledgeable, but beyond that and more importantly – good people! 

Final Standings – Varsity:

  1. EIS – Escuela Internacional Sampedrana
  2. ISP – International School of Panama
  3. ANS – American Nicaraguan School
  4. Colegio Internacional de San Salvador
  5. American School of Tegucigalpa
  6. Escuela Americana San Salvador
  7. Colegio Maya – Guatemala
  8. CIG – Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala
  9. Lincoln International Academy - Nicaragua


Final Standings - JV:

  1. Colegio Internacional de San Salvador
  2. ISP – International School of Panama
  3. EIS – Escuela Internacional Sampedrana
  4. Colegio Maya – Guatemala
  5. American School of Tegucigalpa
  6. ANS – American Nicaraguan School
  7. Lincoln International Academy – Nicaragua

And to all of the AASCA Sister Schools:  see you at the next event!  And all the best for the conclusion of the semester. 


Daniel McKee
High School Principal
International School of Panama
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