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  • Eligibility

Students currently enrolled as full-time students in school in the ninth grade through the twelfth grade are eligible with the maximum age being nineteen.  Any student turning twenty on or before the scheduled day of the first event will not be eligible.  Any student who is on academic and/or disciplinary probation as defined by the individual school is ineligible in AASCA events.

  • Registration

Registration (official confirmation of participation per events and the title of the One Act Play) must be sent by the designated date.  This deadline will be enforced to ensure proper planning from our end.

  • Attending School Fees

A fee of $400 will be charged to each attending school.  Checks must be in US Dollars and made payable to the hosting school.  This fee is due and payable no later than the date the event is scheduled to start.  Any school withdrawing from the event must still pay the registration fee.

  • Participation
  • A maximum of twelve (12) actors are allowed per school.
  • Each school may enter ONLY ONE (1) One Act Play.  It is not mandatory to participate in this event.
  • Each school must participate in a minimum of TWO of the following events:  One Act Play, Monologues, Short Scenes, Improvisation.
  • The members of each school are responsible for following the AASCA guidelines, as well as other specific guidelines provided by the event organizer. Exceptional behavior is expected during rehearsals and performances.
  • The event organizers require a complete and detailed list of cast members, Drama Coordinator, Director and titles of materials by the designated date.
  • Participants must present material they have not previously used in an AASCA Drama Festival.
  • Venues of Competition
  • Each hosting school will determine these.
  •  Internal Rules

The AASC Drama Festival will run according to AASCA´s rules and regulations, including AASCA´s Hotel rules.

  • Events
    • One Act Play
  • One Act Play must run at least 30 minutes and not more than ONE (1) HOUR.
  • Each school is responsible for providing its own stage crew.
  • The curtain call is not counted as part of the time allowance.
  • Each One Act Play will receive one scheduled rehearsal on the Main Stage.
  • The focus of the Once-Act Plays should be on acting. Scenery must be kept simple.
    • Monologues
  • Each school may enter four (4) monologues.  Monologue categories are classical, contemporary and comedy.
  • Monologues must run at least three (3) minutes and no more than five (5) minutes.
  • Monologue material must be memorized.
    • Scenes
  • Each school may enter a maximum of two (2) scenes with a maximum of five (5) actors per scene.
  • Each scene must run at least ten (10) minutes and no more than twenty (20) minutes.
  • The focus of the scenes preparation should be on the acting.  Scenery, props and costumes must be kept simple.
    • Improvisations
  • Each school may enter one (1) improvisation team of five (5) actors.
  • A variety of standard theatre games will be used.
  • Sets
  • All sets and props are the responsibility of each participating school.
  • Stage props and scenery must be kept simple.  The hosting school will gladly provide available items such as tables and chairs.
  • Arrangements for pre-building and touch-ups for set preparation ahead of scheduled rehearsal time must be made with the hosting AASCA Drama Technical Coordinator.
  • All staging requirements and floor plans must be submitted to the hosting school by the designated date.
  •  Lights and Sound
  • General stage lighting will be set for all productions.
  • All productions must submit a technical map of the lighting plan which includes areas and color washes.
  • Each production will be allowed to adapt the available light if previous notice is given.  The position of the lights may not be altered.
  • The host school will supply: full sound system, stage lighting, sound and light operators.  All light and sound operation is under the responsibility of the host school.
  • Pre-show ambient and/or mood music or sound may be used and will be counted as part of the scheduled hours.
  • Schools will be held responsible for malfunction of damage to the sound equipment or stage caused by their participation.
  • A group of host school students will be available to support the rehearsals, and presentations (lights, sounds, etc.)
  • Requirements
  • Each participating school is responsible for sending a copy or its scripts for the One Act Play, the Monologues and the Short Scenes to the hosting school by the designated date.
  • Choice of material (content and use of appropriate language) is the responsibility of the participating school´s administration. It is expected a content appropriate for all students.  It is not allowed inappropriate language, smoking, gun shots, love scenes.
  • Latecomers will not be allowed in the auditorium during a performance.
  • All schools groups are expected to participate in the full program of activities.
  • Each school is asked to provide a brief commentary about the One Act Play to be included in the Festival´s Program.
  • The decisions of the judges are final.
  •  Discipline

The disciplinary sanctions and measures specified by AASCA will prevail.  In case of a major infraction of discipline during the festival, a disciplinary committee made up of the High School Principal of the host school and one administrator of three different school not involved in the problem will meet and decide the measures to be taken.  This committee can ask for the opinion of the judges and coaches involved.

Each coach is in charge for the good behavior of his/her actors who represent the school before, during and after the presentation.

  •  Judges

Judges will be knowledgeable Professionals with theater training and experience.  Every effort will be made to provide an impartial panel of judges with no affiliation to the host school or attending schools.

  • Medical Assistance

A doctor will be on call during the festival.  If an actor needs to be transported by ambulance to a Hospital, the hosting school will make the initial payment, and then bill the school for both ambulance and hospital charges.

  • Transportation

Transportation will be provided to and from the festival hotel to the host school where the festival will be held.  

  • Food

The host school has a cafeteria where lunch and snacks can be bought.  Lunch can be bought.

  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be held at host school.  The Opening Ceremony will begin at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday.   The Closing Ceremony will be Saturday, at 6:30 p.m.

  • Awards
  • Each participating school will receive a participation award.
  • Each participating student will receive an individual certificate.
  • Each participating school will receive the criteria for the different categories of the Drama Festival.
  • Judges will prepare for adjudication by reading the provided written texts.  Schools that do not submit the written texts will not be considered for adjudication.
  • There is no grade period in terms of time.  Participants in all events will be penalized for overtime/under time.
  • Medals for overall ratings will be awarded to all participants who meet the criteria in the different categories:
  • Gold Medal standard
  • Silver Medal standard
  • Bronze Medal standard
  • Honorable mention
  • “The Francisco Saybe Award” will be offered to the School with the Best Quality Actuation, in the majority of events, according with the judges' decision.
  •  Technical Committee

Any problems which result during the festival will be solved by the Technical Committee.

  • Meetings

The coaches´ technical meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

The icebreaker activity for the actors will also be held Wednesday at the host school. There will be sufficient supervision for the students.

  • Safety

Due to safety considerations in our countries, participants are asked to take good precautions and stay together as a group whenever possible while traveling around the city.  As part of the safety considerations, the host school has opted to host the festival on-site with limited travel around the city.

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