Pan-American School – Costa Rica

General Information

Telephones:(506) 2298-5700
Accrediting Agency:NEASC, MEP, IB

Staff Information

Director:Alan Wrafter
Inquiries from the General Director’s OfficeMarbey González
Secondary School Principal:Ehimmy Rodriguez
Early years and Elementary Principal:Mónica Sánchez
High School Vice Principal & MYP CoordinatorAndrew Wiese
Middle School Vice Principal & MYP CoordinatorChris Brodie
Elementary Vice Principal
& PYP Coordinator:
Nikki Merval
Early Years CoordinatorDani Quirós
DEIB CoordinatorAdam Beeson
CAS Coordinator:Henry Gutiérrez
High School and College Counselor:Andrea Vizcaíno
Middle School CounselorKrissia Amador 
Elementary Counselor:Paola Meza
Technology Coordinator:Guillermo Víquez
Athletic Director:Jessica Palaviciniv