American Nicaraguan School – Nicaragua

General Information

Telephones:(505) 2252-7310, 2252-7311, 2252-7312 
Fax:(505) 2278-2565
Accrediting Agency:Cognia and Nicaraguan Ministry of Education

Staff Information

General Director:Dr. Susan Clancy
Assistant Director General and
Director of Learning:
Kathryn Meyer
Secondary Principal:Jacqueline Kruger
Assistant Secondary Principal:Anna Krughoff
Primary School Principal: Eben Jones
Assistant Primary School PrincipalBrianne Sheets
Business Director:Leonel Gutierrez
College Counselor:Julie Falbo
HS Counselor:Kelly Rodgers
MS Counselor:Nidia Gutiérrez
Primary School Counselor:Ximena Salaverri
Instructional Coach:Lori Fine
Innovation and Technology Director:Rosselyn Porras
Athletic Director:David Faulkner