The International School of Panama – Panama

General Information

Telephones:(507) 293-3000
Accrediting Agency:Cognia

Staff Information

Director:Dr. Audrey Menard
Director of Finance and Operations:Janeth Nicolau
Admissions Manager:Helmi Porras
Communications Officer:Lisbeth Gonzalez
Executive Assistant:Erin Hester
IT Manager:Andres Moreno
Athletics Director:Fernando Archila
HS Principal:David Letiecq
MS Principal:Kyle Martin
Elementary Principal:Joyce Mininger
Early Childhood Principal:Alida García de Paredes
Blended Learning SpecialistSummer Alcauter
Innovation and Technology Coordinator:Bill Hatcher
Coordinator of Inclusion:Elias Barlow
Dean of Academics IB DP Coordinator:Gray Galloway